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QlikMaps is a location analytics engine
for QlikView and Qlik Sense.

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What Can QlikMaps Do For You?

Add rich, interactive location analytics to your Qlik apps

Make discoveries in your data that charts and graphs just can’t reveal

Combine maps with demographics, consumer spending, weather data, crime statistics, and more to get a rich, geocentric view

Get the power of a Geographic formation System without the cost and complexity

QlikMaps Overview
Create an Interactive Map in Less Than 2 Minutes

Additional Features

Uncover New Patterns and Understand Your Business in New Ways

Seeing and analyzing your business data in the context of its location can help you understand your business in new ways. Make discoveries that graphs, charts, and other visualizations just can’t reveal. Detect patterns that weren't apparent before.

Perform Map-Driven Analysis

When you interact with any other Qlik visualization or selector, the changes are automatically shown in QlikMaps. The opposite is also true: any interactions you make with QlikMaps also affect the rest of the Qlik dashboard.

Get Started Within Minutes

QlikMaps is easy to install and configure, so you can start creating mapping visualizations within minutes.

Use QlikMaps To:

  • Plot territories, polygons, heat maps, points, and density maps
  • Lasso points and polygons on a map to make selections
  • Get out-of-the-box support for most international administrative boundaries
  • Use custom regions
  • Integrate with ESRI shapefiles and KML files at no extra cost
  • Get real-time overlays from external ESRI, WMS, and WMTS/ Tile layer data sources.
  • Overlay weather data from NOAA or demographic info directly from the US Census
  • Perform location analytics / geospatial analysis based upon your current location
  • Get true multi-layer support – add or remove any layer type with a click of a button
  • Create custom pop-ups to add more meaning and detail to your map
  • Overlay results of a google search query without having to update the data model

Location Analytics Made Simple:

  • Simple architecture: No extra server required
  • Simple compliance: All third party licensing included
  • Simple development: It’s as easy to create mapping visualizations with QlikMaps as it is to create anything else in Qlik
  • Simple UI: No end user training required
  • Simple deployment: Get started within minutes
  • Full functionality from all devices


  • Location Analytics Worksheet: Need help deciding what location analytics tool will work best for your company and what features you really need?  Download our worksheet that walks you through what to consider when picking a location analytics tool.
  • QlikMaps Demo Webinar: Join our next 30-minute webinar where we give an overview of QlikMaps features and functionalities.

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No. There is not an additional server anywhere in the QlikMaps architecture… not on-premise nor in the cloud.
No. All third-party licensing is included in the annual maintenance.
Yes. Unlike other solutions that heavily rely on Flash, QlikMaps only uses HTML5 and AJAX, so it has full functionality from all browsers and devices.
Yes. QlikMaps works anywhere! Regardless of your post code, your geographic data can be plotted by QlikMaps.
No. QlikMaps has a slim, intuitive interface that requires little to no training. Get the power of a Geographic Information System (GIS) without the cost and complexity.
Yes. After a simple conversion process, QlikMaps can use ESRI shapefiles, KML file, WKT files, or any other representation of geospatial data.
Yes. Popups are fully customizable. Anything that can be done on a webpage can also be done in QlikMaps popups (such as graphs with trend lines, photos of properties, or an interface to write data back to another system).
Yes. You can overlay weather data from NOAA, demographic information from the US Census, or anything else you’d like to analyze.
Users can drop custom markers on the map and utilize the geolocation of their device to plot their current position. Users can even perform a live google search query and overlay the results without ever having to leave QlikMaps.
Yes. Users can easily switch to a street-level perspective by simply double-clicking on a point.
No. QlikMaps does not need a GIS system or a spatial database to work. However, if you have such systems, QlikMaps can leverage them.